Do you PAY to remove and dispose of my old vehicle?
YES! We pay for most vehicles that we remove and its always in cash, unless otherwise arranged.
What kind of paperwork is required to scrap my junk vehicle?
We try to take care of everything for you. When you arrange a pickup with us our driver arrives with a receipt of pickup. In return, we take the keys and vehicle registration (if you still have them) If not picture ID maybe required. On your pickup receipt you will have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your records.
Why should we dispose of our old car, truck, or van? And why should we choose you for this service?
We stress that once a vehicle costs more to operate and/or repair than what its worth to resell, its time to dispose of it. We should be your number one choice to facilitate this because this is our profession. 
Who Do You Service?
 Insurance Companies, Private Individuals, Auto Shops, Impound Yards, Body Repair Shops, Property Owners, Police Services,  Scrap yards, Junk yards, and More!

Contact Us: 250 618-6014